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  Nantahala * Ocoee * Cheoah White Water Rafting

Join us on Facebook!  We want to hear from you!  We appreciate the time you take to share memories of your time spent with us. We have an amazing staff and an incredible setting for whitewater recreation and appreciate the help you give us in letting them know how great both are as you can say more about the quality of our guides, facility and equipment than we possibly can! Below is a selection of the comments we’ve received over the years.

- Testimonials from the Nantahala Trips
- Testimonials from the Ocoee Trips
- Testimonials from the Cheoah Trips




Hi Guys - Just wanted to let you know, we had a great time on the river.  I always promise the Cadets three things:
1.  get wet
2   get cold
3.   have fun
all three were meet!
Thanks, see you next year.
-Nelson, ROTC Asheville

testi2.gifSam and the Endless Rivers team,
Thank you so much for an exciting summer along the Nantahala. Our kids had a great time on the river. Hope you have a wonderful year and we look forward to seeing you next summer
- Ben & Amber, Cherokee Outdoor YMCA

testi2.gifWe so enjoyed our rafting trip with you guys on Friday -- Thank you to a great guide, Alex, for keeping me in the boat! And special thanks to Sam, you did an amazing job working with my kids and giving them the confidence they needed to make it the whole way in their own duckies..we can't thank you enough -- you were awesome! We will be back next year :)
P Carolyn LiCalsi Rylands, 2011

testi2.gifI would like to send a BIG thank you out to Alex, Daniel, & Rose for making our rafting experience so great Saturday!! We're already planning to come back next year. May God bless your business!!
Lyn Spivey Brown, 2011

testi2.gifThanks again for the duckie tour yesterday Sam.  You helped give my kids confidence that simply can't be gained easily. They will be better for the experience. We will come back here again.
Brett, Jessica & Cade Rylands

testi2.gifThe Girl Scouts had a GREAT time.  Thank you again!  Thanks,
Barb Hawk, 2011

testi2.gifI would like to thank you for everything today. The weather wasn't all that great but your staff and our experience on the river was. Josh went above and beyond to make sure we had a great day, and we did. Thank you again you have a loyal customer for life.
-Frankie Aldino, 2011

testi2.gifHi Guys, I received your letter today and YES everyone had a super/fantastic/awesome time.  They are all ready to come back, some are wanting to try a different river. Something with a little more white water. Even our first timers had a blast.   I am not good with names, but please thank our Guides. They were both Super.  From the van ride to the river, to the nstructions, and the trip down the river, These Guys were Great. Also, please thank the people who I contacted from the start, (when I first made the contact about information), when we arrived (parking our bikes in a safe area), and well, you Guys made our whitewater rafting trip a great all around experience. Hope to see ya next year, Thanks again,
-Tommy Overton, 2010

testi2.gifMy husband and I took our first adventure with "Ryan". We appreciated his politeness and his talent of his profession. He did a great job and we are looking forward to coming back and bring friends to experience the adventure.Although, I am ready for the next level! We would not go anywhere else except Endless River Adventures.Thanks,
Dorothy and George Sweatt

testi2.gifJust wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for going "above and beyond" concerning our rental Saturday. I rented two double ducks and a single for my wife, son, daughter in law and two grand kids. I was kayaking along with them and you graciously shuttled my boat along with theirs....I'd like to think that all of the companies operating in the gorge offer the same sort of service as you, but I'm just not sure. I've had dealings with ERA in the past with instruction and gear purchase and were always impressed. I continue to be.Thanks Again,SYOTR, -Mike Hancock, 2010

Thank you for a great raft trip on Monday! We really enjoyed it and Josh was a great guide. Russell Dunn and family

testi2.gifHI! My daughter and I rafted with you all yesterday. We were there with Mary Mills, who planned the trip. Sam was our AWESOME guide!!! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all what you should already know...you are wonderful! From the minute we got out of the car yesterday morning till we left last evening, you were all so friendly and oh so professional. I was able to observe other companies and their guides and crew at the take out and you all are by far THE BEST! We will be back with you guys, and I have already recommended you all to some friends of ours. Thanks for a wonderful trip! Kelleye and Kami Green, 2010

testi2.gifERA does an amazing job encouraging paddlers and families on the river. Over the past couple of years, our family has joined ERA for four trips down the Nantahala in a raft and duckies, three full-day trips down the Ocoee, and one trip down the Cheoah. Without exception, every trip has been utterly enjoyable and marked by professionalism and enthusiasm that speak volumes about the quality operation that you run. Guides Rob, Steve, Brian, Jeb, Sarge, and other ERA staff members have been dependable and encouraging, particularly for my three sons--ages 18, 15, and 9--who are developing a real love for the river. We consider our trips with you thus far just the beginning and look forward to many more adventures with ERA. My oldest sons are talking about kayaking and new rivers, and I look forward to the continuing bonding and FUN experiences with them. Your website states that "spending time with [ERA] can be a catharsis to the reality of hectic schedules," and this is so true. We count on many more trips to the Gorge, ERA, and the rivers. Thanks again for the hard work that you and your staff put into all that you do, and please keep running the rivers for many years to come! Thank you!

- Ethan Hildreth(and Crystal,Kemble (18),Dane (15),Laura (12),Joe (9) & Lee (6))

P. S. Also, a special thanks for the great meals from Juliet on the Ocoee double! The sandwiches and treats are just right halfway through the river.

Jtesti2.gifust wanted to say thanks for giving my girls a wonderful time going down the Nanny. Sarge, You're awesome. They enjoyed it so much they want to do the kids camp!! Neither one of them have boated before and my 12 year old is a bit skittish when it comes to the water so I wasn't sure if there was something for them to do each day or if there were particular days for them. See ya soon.

-Chad Cook, GA, 2009

testi2.gifJust wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of us. We look forward to going down the river next year with you. It is too bad we didn't discover Endless Rivers sooner!

-Nelson Evans, Master Chief, USN(ret), NJROTC, 2009

testi2.gifTo the Crew at ERA; Thank you the awesome trip :) And for your patience with our late arrival this morning. We look forward to another adventure with your company! Good times. Best,

- Brad & Adriana, Memphis, TN

testi2.gifJust wanted to let you know how much fun we had on our first rafting trip on the Nantahala two weeks ago. Everyone with your company was so friendly and knowledgeable. We especially enjoyed having Danny as our guide. Ocoee is our next trip we want to take when we come back.Thanks,

-Kelly & Laura, 2009 PS. The Mini Cooper made it back home safe and sound to Louisiana thanks to you!

testi2.gifWe would like to say how much we enjoyed our river rafting this past Monday. We certainly appreciated the quality of your company, the way they prepared us for the trip, and in the way they cared for us the whole time. We would like to thank Joshua especially. What a pleasure it was to have him guide us. He instructed us, guided us, and showed urgency in his voice only when necessary--but he was never overly demanding. He made us feel comfortable and safe; we had a truly enjoyable experience. Joshua is pleasant, interesting, and has a great sense of humor; he is a true asset to your company.

-Myles and Jeannine Standish, SC 2009

testi2.gifDear Ken and Crew: I wanted to send you a note to let you know what a fantastic time we hadriver rafting the Nantahala River with your company. We really appreciate you accommodating us. There were twelve of us there to raft or a Saturday. We were attending a wedding at the Nantahala Village Resort. Although we contacted you at the last minute,you refused to turn us away and went straight to work getting us two boats for Saturday. Our Guides were experienced and reassuring. We had 4 kids under twelve! Sarge was the guide in my boat. What a great guy. He was clear with instructions and such a wealth of experience. We enjoyed listening to his stories as we floated during some of the calmer waters. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience,

-Anita C. Pryor, Esq. and Terrell Hogan, Jacksonville, FL

testi2.gifThanks so much for a great experience! It was a pleasure working with your company and should we visit the area again, we’ll definitely be in touch!

Jason Caillier, Minister of Students, South Main Baptist Church, Pasadena, TX 2009

testi2.gifThank you for a fun day!! Next time we will be ready for the ocoee!!

Sincerely, Gina Kane, Estero, Fl 2009

testi2.gifHi Sarge, Taz, Kim and Kelly........the Red Hatters had a BLAST on the river with you on May 2. We will never forget the fun each one of us had with you. From the river, we headed to Stone Mountain and enjoyed the laser light show....As I said, we all had a great time and of course, we will get back when we can!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!

-Susan Gomez, FL 2009

testi2.gifOur family had a truly FANTASTIC trip down the Nantahala with Sarge and Ian....[your] email with genuine concern over our best interests in receiving a quality trip with ERA was what brought us to you guys on Saturday and that Sarge and Ian is what will bring us back hopefully this summer to ride the Ocoee with ERA!! You guys are a fabulous “family” and we enjoyed spending our afternoon with you. Only wished it was longer, but will make it an all day trip next time! We had so much fun that a picture would be great to help document the day!

-Orianna, Ron, Justin & Robert 2009

testi2.gifThanks a bunch for making our day on the river so much fun. The girls are still excited. They have told all their friends. We are looking forward to hearing from you about a fun patch. Hope that works out. Have a great day!

- Stephen Grause 2008

testi2.gif“What a treat! We had so much fun. The day was perfect, beautiful scenery and an absolutely wonderful 2 1/2 hours on the river. John was GREAT and gave us the ride we were looking for. I can't wait until our return visit. Everyone there has been wonderful.... from my first phone call to our goodbyes. You may be the smallest but to us you're the BEST! Don't ever change. THANKS A MILLION!” - Linda and Loren Harrison, 2007 “Sarah and I would like to thank you for an amazing day of rafting. It was definitely the highlight of our trip to the Smokies so far… Sarge was welcoming, fun, and knowledgeable. In addition he made the trip an experience rather than just another float down a river. By far the best rafting experience we have had so far. We saw three bears on the way home today. A mother and two cubs capping off what we deem the best day yet. Hope y'all do well this coming season and we hope to see you sooner than later with a whole bunch of our friends. You came highly recommended and exceeded our expectations.”

- Greg and Sarah Kern, 2007

testi2.gif“My family and I flew down to visit my aunt and uncle in Georgia. They were telling me about white water rafting; on July 29th we visited your wonderful establishment. Our guide was a man by the name of Juney... He was awesome in our trip! We had a blast with him... we couldn’t have asked for a better guide!!

testi2.gifI want to take the time out to thank you for a wonderful first experience in the sport of white water rafting!! We are working hard here in Ohio to come back down next year for another adventure with you. Thanks again!” - Christine Ensell, 2007 “Reflecting on things, it has been over 8 years since our relationship first began. Every year I am more and more impressed and satisfied with the service Endless Rivers provides to my students and for my programs. We had an amazing time this past weekend, and although we only rented boats, I was still appreciative of the time and attention that your staff gave to our group during the pre-trip orientation and while we were on the river. The best (out of many) comment that I heard was from a staff member who had been reluctant to go on the trip say as soon as we got to the take-out, that he was ready to head back up river and do it again!” - Joseph Pate, Director of the Center for Outdoor Leadership at Pfeiffer University, 2007 “Thank you for letting us raft with you this past weekend. All of the students enjoyed the river and spoke very highly of your guides. I appreciate the level of professionalism and direct focus on safety. Thank you for an overall fun and exciting experience. We look forward to working together again in the future.”
- Mike Pletsch, Georgia Tech Outdoor Recreation Department, 2006=

testi2.gif“Hi Guys! We had so much fun…we’ll be back before you know it! Thanks for taking care of us on the Nantahala and the Ocoee!”
- Jack Nadia, 2006

testi2.gif“Thanks a “boat load”! This was a great trip, very efficiently run and super fun. Sarge was a terrific guide and everybody involved proved to be capable and courteous. Will recommend to any and all!”
- Barry and Barbara Humphreys, 2006

testi2.gif“I wanted to thank everyone at ERA for the great time you provided and the personal touch we would not find at the ‘big’ outfitters. My friends, Adam, Lisa, and I, took the flatwater kayak tour of Calderwood Lake on Thursday. We were under the auspicious guidance of Sarge. He entertained us with great stories and tips while on the float. I'm proud to say I was the first in our group through the train tunnel that day - a highlight! We also enjoyed saying hello to Sarge as he guided trips down the Nanny right past our campsite later that week. Lisa and I took a trip down the Ocoee with Kelly, Philly, and Juliet. As calm and peaceful as the Calderwood float was, Ocoee was as intense and thrilling... New experience, new thrill! Kelly was the guide in our raft, and she was top notch. We didn't loose a soul. Again, great stories, name histories, and tips were shared. Even a traffic jam, due to the impatience of youth, didn't slow us down. I commend you all for the professionalism and personal touches I found in every experience I had with Endless River Adventures. You've made an ERA supporter out of me!”
- Scott Hildreth, 2006

testi2.gif“I have bringing my grandchildren, my nieces and nephews and friends of all ages from all over the states, to Endless River for several years now. They've had kayak lessons, trout fishing lessons and rafted the river. You always make us feel welcome and that we are among true professionals. Thanks for the great job you're doing and we'll see you in the spring!”
- Helen McVicker, 2006

testi2.gif“You guys have such a wonderful company. We can't wait to come each year! We will never raft with anyone else. You are always so nice and pleasant and the guides are so much fun.”
- Deborah, 2005

testi2.gif“We just visited the Nantahala gorge for the first time… We called your place the first time and spoke with Jennifer. We are so happy that we found Endless River Adventures on the web. From our first call to Jennifer and booking confirmation, through her assistance getting us to our trip after our vehicle broke down, continuing to our first rafting experience with Patrick which led to a second reservation two days later by Trish, then a ducky trip down the river led by Phillip in a raft, and Sarah on the ducky with us paddling our 5 year old with her. You all have made our vacation a fantastic time… The family has come away falling in love with the river rafting and kayaking experience. Your staff has everything to do with that. Everyone that we had an encounter with during our trip made us feel welcome, and showed genuine concern for our enjoyment as well as our overall safety on the river. We were even treated to seeing Ken in the water showing us a roll in the kayak. We know are seriously contemplating taking up kayaking as a family activity, and although you are not right around the corner, our lessons and training will be with you and your staff. Thank you for making our vacation such a pleasurable trip.”
- The Silverman family, 2005

testi2.gif“I just wanted to say what a great time we had yesterday. Patrick and Brian were fabulous, experienced, and professional (but laid back). Next time we go rafting – ERA will be our top pick. Thanks so much!” - Kim Miller, 2005 “Thanks for a fantastic day! My group really enjoyed themselves! Your people are all great, a special thanks to John and Trish for going over and above great customer service norms to make our day! The rain and high water level only served to make a better show. Thanks also to Nancy for awesome hot chocolate.”
- Donald Johnson, 2005


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 testi2.gif"Thanks to Joe & Ken for an awesome day on the Ocoee, we had more fun than we thought we could have. Will definitely be back, hopefully soon!"
-Brianna Kratz, 2011

testi2.gifWe had the best time yesterday on the Ocoee with Josh and Rob. Thanks for the awesome time and we look forward to seeing you all again before the end of summer for another run.
-Shannon Loveless, 2011

testi2.gifWe had a blast on the Ocoee today!!! Thanks Josh, you were awesome! We will be seeing you guys again soon! :-)
-Brittany Kirby, 2011

testi2.gifMany thanks to you guys (especially Josh as well as Kelly, Danny and Rob)
for Saturday on the Ocoee. We are quite the novices but no one made us
feel that way. A great time as well as very safe and personable. Customer
for life and I'll be recommending you to anyone I meet.
- Matt Davidsaver, 2011

testi2.gifI would like to thank you (Kelly) and the other guides for making my
first ever rafting trip very enjoyable. I do hope to see you guys again. I
will highly recommend your company for future trips. Thank you again for
the safe and very fun [Ocoee/Cheoah] trip. Thank you,
-Donna Carpenter, 2011

testi2.gifAs each of you know, first descents are always memorable, whether on the Nanny, the Harpeth or the Upper Ocoee. Those times are even more important for me now as I have a beautiful 13 year old to introduce my love of the rivers to. It makes me very happy that I have you guy's available, bridging my past with you, to his introduction/future whitewater experience. Our run on the upper Ocoee, with Ryan at the helm, was such a overpowering experience that I still have difficulty describing. And in a sense that seems appropriate as mystical experiences are rarely expressed with words that convey the impact of the experience. On a lighter note, my son doesn't seem to have any lack of words for our trip. And Juliet, the meal you provided for us was really Over the Top. Everything was just wonderful and so so needed. Delicious ! I very much look forward to the remainder of this year and the next to get to work with you and to spend some time with you remarkable staff members. Thank you seems embarrassingly inadequate, but for now it's all I can say.
-Randall Haislip , 2010


testi2.gifWe went with Kelly down the Ocoee (upper and middle) on Sunday, July 4th. WHAT A GREAT TIME!!! She was a fabulous water guide, AND also conscientious, hard-working leader. Thank you for a great time.
Judy/Ben, 2010

testi2.gifI just wanted to tell you how much fun we had yesterday with your crew on the Ocoee. We had a BLAST... Ian should be "guide of the week" he ran the river flawlessly even surfing us on Hells Hole... Man he is good, Hats off to the one who prepared lunch perfect menu for the river.,. I will be back , hopefully soon. ontinue the great service - have a wonderful summer.
-Greg Murchison, 2010

testi2.gifI just wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you guys know how AWESOME our trip down the Ocoee was on Sunday, September 27th! Despite he fact that the rapids were insanely high and possibly dangerous; your uides (Rob and Kelly) and coordinator (Juliet) refused to give up on aking it happen for us! It was my birthday and I had scheduled my ntire family (well, most of us J) to do something different for once. Where myself, and a few others had done 3 / 4's before; it was new to most of them. Rob and Kelly made it a ride we'll never forget! They were fun, engaging, and most of all had a sense of humor (laughed @ us and themselves). We never once felt unsafe. I will not hesitate to take this trip again w/ Endless River Adventures (preferably w/ Rob and Kelly). I would also recommend your company to anyone interested. Thanks so much for a great experience!
- Tina Heaslip, Hoschton, Georgia 2009

testi2.gifJust wanted to say thank you to everyone for two great weekends on the Ocoee! My dad had an absolute blast and wants to go again before it gets too cold and I will hopefully be up for a paddling lesson soon. I'll be referring all my clients and friend to ERA. Thank you again. -Shannon Loveless, 2009 I want to thank you again for the wonderful day we had on the Ocooe, thanks to your great organization. YOu have a great outfitter--truly unique and personal. We will recommen you to everyone! Sincerely,
Beetz & Dick (Ian'sparents) 2009

testi2.gifJust a quick note to let you know “We had a blast!” The Endless River Team was awesome ! You guys have always been pros and you further validated my decision to only use you when rafting the rivers you serve. Have a great day and thanks again. -Jim, 2009 Hi, my name is Beth Tuthill, my three friends and I visited your wonderful facility on Sept. 13th 2008. We went rafting on the Ocoee River. We had an amazing time on the river and with our AWESOME three guides, Steve, Kelly and Josh. Steve was very informative, knowledgeable, professional, yet fun and personable. All of the guides were GREAT! It's very rare to get that great of a combo. That made for a very memorable experience! I wanted to let you know that we were very satisfied with your excellent service and couldn't ask for anything more. The service was excellent from the first time we spoke with your crew on the phone, to the fun and friendly conversation on the van ride back! I would definitely LOVE to come back sometime and experience a new river with your great CREW! Thanks for everything,
-Beth Tuthill, OHIO 2008


I just wanted to tell everyone at ERA, thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. My friend and I went on Aug 28th and had the best time ever and was treated so awesome. The guides were fabulous and so well experienced. Whom ever prepared the lunch, hands down! Fantastic lunch and we appreciated all the time and effort that went along with that. Thank you! I couldnt of asked for a better time, and the best b-day yet!!!! We will be returning next summer for sure!
-Erica Miller, FL 2008

testi2.gifWe all had such a good time this past weekend !!! Cant wait for next summer-- we are already making plans to come back again. In our raft our guide was Steve and he is now my HERO !!!! All of the guides we have had in the past with Endless River have been super, but Steve was the Bomb, he kept us all safe and in our raft the entire trip. Thanks for a wonderful time !!!!!!!
- Cathy Floyd, 2008


testi2.gifThank you and your guides (Jeff was ours and he was great!) for an awesome raft trip down the Ocoee. We can’t wait to raft with ya’ll again!!
-The DeLong Family and Friends, 2008

testi2.gif”Hi There! Don't try this at home, these are professionals, that have been trained for this extreme sport.The Ocoee River is where the 96' Olympics were held, these are all class 3 and 4 rapids.It was a hell of a ride. Our rafting guide was great, he made us feel like we were ready for the Olympics. We sure felt like we were after rafting this challenging river. We had a couple of rapids that almost got the best of us, but didn't, we paddled hard and fast and paddled our way out, I think we were hearing banjo music.”


testi2.gifThis is the email we sent to our friends to show how much fun that we had rafting with you guys around July 13 2008. Please show Jeff. The files were shrunk down pictures for emailing, so probably will not print too well. If you want the full size file just let me know. -Regards
-Rich and lois Neuroth, 2008


testi2.gifGuides Kelly & Jeff (the Dynamic Duo!) "What a blast!!" Thanks so much for a safe and fun "private" trip--Can't wait to do it again. Have a great year.
- The Olds Family, 2008

 testi2.gifI just wanted you both to know that Alex and Lindsay and their friends had an absolute ball rafting down the Ocoee last Friday. They told me that Link was the BEST! They were sure that you had given your banker extra special treatment by sending him. I have the best picture of all of them and will email it soon. It was the first time ANY of them had been down and he couldn't believe they lived here and hadn't rafted. I guess they've led a sheltered life! HA! Anyway, Alex is leaving for Costa Rica on the 9th and will get a taste of rafting there soon. Thanks so much for taking care of them! Hayden was a little disappointed that he couldn't go, but in two more years, he can. Until then, David will have to take him down the Nantahala! Have a great 4th of July!
-Melanie Hughes, 2008

testi2.gifI had a great time seeing everyone when I was back for my visit! A bit hout-out to Linc for making sure my family was safe and sound on the Ocoee raft trip. Thanks a million for creating priceless memories for 3 generations of Parker women! Love you guys!
-Trish Parker 2008

testi2.gifI wanted to personally write and thank you and ERA for a great whitewater experience (Upper/Middle Ocoee Trip). Kelly, Jeff and Linc were lots of fun and we felt we were in good hands with safe & experienced fuides. Thanks again & look forward to rafting with ERA in the future.
-Nicki Warr 2008

testi2.gif“This long weekend I had such a great time with my friends in your river rafting adventures on Ocoee river. Well the rafting was fun, and then our guide Mr. Mefford was fantastic. It was awesome fun, never believed it to be that much. Just wanted to say keep the good work going... especially to our raft buddy Mefford.”
-Vick, 2006

testi2.gif“Hi, I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip this past Saturday. Our guides did a great job. This was my second trip down the river and my daughter's first. Our guide's name was Jeff. He did a wonderful job with the kids. He made them feel at ease on the river. The last time I went down the river, Steve was our guide. My sister was in the other raft with Kelly as their guide. They liked the job she did as well. Thanks again for a really great trip. We will be seeing ya'll next year.”
- Darryll Gregg, 2006

testi2.gif“This is Joseph Pate from Pfeiffer University and I would like to extend my appreciation and praise to Endless River Adventures and your staff for our successful trip down the Ocoee with you last weekend! The students came back that night and talked non-stop about what an incredible time they had. Specifically, they said that their raft guides, Judd, Rob, and Ryan, were "top shelf," and made the experience that much better. I have never had anything but positive experiences with your company and continue to recommend you to anyone I come in contact with who is interested taking trips down the Ocoee and Nantahala. I regret I was unable to be there, but it is a testament to your company of the trust and confidence I have in you and your guides that I felt comfortable staying at home with my wife and new born. Thank you again for another great season!”
- Joseph Pate, 2006

testi2.gif“Another AWESOME rafting trip with Endless River Adventures. This is the 2nd year in a row that we've gone rafting with you… Everyone had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year. The combo is the way to go. Lunch was great. Although we requested the same guides as last year, we did get Jeff, the other guide was new to us, Philly was great. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We will all see you again next year.
- Amy, 2006


testi2.gif“I’d like to start by telling you that I looked at so many white water rafting companies, from WV, TN, and NC. Endless River Adventures was by far the best… Steve, Jeff and Joe were our guides, and they were awesome. Not only did we have the best rafting experience, but our guides also had a lot of information about the history of the Ocoee. I had never been white water rafting and was the most scared in our group. I even considered not going and I ended up having so much fun I can’t wait to do it again. I really paid attention to all the other rafting companies that were on the Ocoee that day. Everyone in our group felt that our guides were by far the best and most experienced while having fun and keeping our safety a priority. Thank you all very much…we will see you again, and also pass on to our friends and family how awesome you all are.”
- Amy Windisch, 2005

testi2.gif“We rafted the Nantahala and the Ocoee double header... We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed ourselves. Your guides were the greatest (our hats are off to Kelly!!). We felt like we were treated as friends and not just clients. We were shown personalized attention and not herded around like some other rafting companies seem to do… This is our second year in a row rafting with you and we will not hesitate to use your rafting for all of our future trips. Hopefully next trip we will dare ‘the ducky’ for our trip down the Nanty. Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you next year.” - Tre and Becky Howard;
Jason and Leslie Chapman, 2005


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Lauren and I would first like to tell you how much fun we had yesterday on the
Cheoah. Your team's professionalism and love for what they are doing made a very
cold day wonderful.  We will definitely be back next year. Secondly, we are very
much interested in a picture cd for both of our trips yesterday down the Cheoah
(Daniel was our guide). Thanks for a great adventure on our honeymoon, we
will remember it forever.
-Lauren & Jason Babb, 2011


Thank you so much for the CD of pics. They turned out so good. I've been showing everyone at work and telling them if they ever do it they should go to you. Hobbit and Brian were great guides. We know that has a lot to do with it. We wish we could do it every week. J Well, take care and have a great summer. Thanks again,
- Chad & Nancy Adams, 2008

testi2.gifMy boyfriend Lamar and I spent three days with your crew, private kayak instruction and rafting the Ocoee and Cheoah. We enjoyed every second and will be back for more very soon. Thanks for making our trip memorable. Also I would like to personally thank Steve for his wonderful patience and awesome teaching skills. Thanks again.”
- Jennifer Patzkowsky, 2007

testi2.gif“I completed the morning Cheoah River trip yesterday and it was incredible!! Mike, Matt, Judd and Brian did a fantastic job as our guides and it was a pleasure interacting with Sara as she shuttled us back and forth. I’ve done business with numerous rafting companies over the years and Endless Rivers is by far the friendliest and most professional. Thank-you very much for making me aware of the opportunity for the Cheoah trip. I plan to take a group of people to the Ocoee later this summer and I will definitely be contacting Endless Rivers to help me make that happen.” -
Kyle Theriot, 2007


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