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Wave Sport Kayaks, Demo Boats, Consignments Boats, Kayak Packages

Consignment/ Used boats currently available:
Wave Sport EZG 60, $650
Wave Sport Z,  $650
Wave Sport ProjectX 48, $450
Wave Sport Fuse 48, $650
Jackson Fun1 Package, $400 (includes paddle, pfd and skirt - and the boat is pink)
WS Recon 83 - $650
WS Recon 93 - $650
WS Recon 70 - $650
Liquid Logic Mullet, $650 
Liquid Logic Remix 59, $650 
Liquid Logic Fly Squirrel 85, $640
We are adding three Diesels to our Used Boat List:
Last remaining Wave Sport Diesel 70 - $650
Last remaining Wave Sport Diesel 80 - $650

What are consignment boats?
We are not always able to offer as aggressive a price for a used boat trade-in as you might get outside the Nantahala Gorge. So we offer a compromise: buy a new boat from us and leave your used boat for us to sell as a consignment. Your boat is displayed on our front porch, you are free to advertise that it is there, and when it is purchased you get 100% of the price (meaning we take no commission).

Where to advertise if you have a boat for sale?

  • Boatertalks' gearswap page
  • your local club's newsletter or forum

A word about used boats:
Used boats are a great way to get into the sport spending fewer $$. But a note or two of caution: you are getting what you pay for, so don't go too used or too out-of-date because you will more trouble reselling that boat when it is time for you to upgrade.

Used boats do not come with warranties.  No one buys a boat with the expectation that they will break (plastic is an amazing compound). But if a used boat breaks--whether the first time out or down the line, the original warranty does not go with the boat once it changes hands.



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