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About Us- Experts in Paddling and Adventure Vacations, with success measured in service, not sales 

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  Since 1991, Endless River Adventures has been shaking up the industry with our vision, willingness to think outside the box and innovation!  We will take the season to celebrate the support given to us by the paddling community and the amazing group of individuals that have called ERA "home."  Stay tuned for more!


Success in the Quality of Service, Not Sales
The one constant throughout our growth has been our commitment to measuring our success in the quality of our service, not sales. This commitment shines through in everything we do. We are held to a higher standard than most companies, and we meet this expectation by keeping our operation small and personal, and with the help of our our team of hand-picked staff.

When we began Endless River Adventures, we wrote the corporate pledge. We wanted it to be sincere and realistic, something that we could live up to. We looked to our friends and the community to have confidence in us as we started our business. That support helped influence who we are today: a company dedicated to the outdoors, to sharing our passion for the river with others, and to bringing together a like-minded group of staff to help us accomplish our goals.

Endless River Adventures is located in the Nantahala GorgeThe Endless River Adventures Pledge (written in 1993)

Our Vision
Endless River Adventures owes its inspiration to the world’s greatest natural resource: rivers. Through this inspiration we dedicate ourselves to providing services and experiences which encourage others in the participation, understanding and appreciation or rivers.

Our Purpose
The purpose of Endless River Adventures is to provide you with services, insights and experiences which will help you kindle your own sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural resources  that surround you.

Our Goal
Our goal is to set a standard of excellence in servicing the public; to continually improve the quality of our services; and to perform in a manner warranting the highest degree of public confidence in our services.

History of Endless River Adventures

When we wrote our company pledge in 1993, we never knew how true our words would be: “through this inspiration [of rivers] we dedicate ourselves to providing services and experiences which encourage others in the participation, understanding and appreciation of rivers.”

Endless River Adventures is a true “built from the ground up” company. Ken and Juliet began the company in 1992, running the operation out of their own house. Everything revolved around teaching kayaking, planning the international paddling trips to Costa Rica, and cooking breakfast for guests.

From Costa Rica to the Nantahala Gorge
In 1993 we began construction of our outpost—the plans drawn up by Ken on a pad of graph paper the winter before, in between Costa Rica trips! We began construction of the outpost in April of 1993, and with the help of a handful of friends we were all-but-finished by July of the same year.

Rafting, Fly Fishing, Lake Touring
With the completion of our outpost in the Nantahala Gorge, we branched out from kayak instruction, adding whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River, followed by rafting on the Ocoee, and becoming one of only four outfitters to hold a permit for rafting and kayaking on the Cheoah River; expanding our international trips to include both Costa Rica and Ecuador; bringing a dory and oar-framed raft into the fly fishing program; providing the opporutnity to explore the mountain lakes of WNC with a lake touring program; committing to a true Boater's Store.

Building a world class eco-lodge and reserve in Ecuador.
Making an investment into the communities we work with extends beyond the borders of western North Carolina. In 2010 we celebrated groundbreaking of cabins, sauna, nature reserve and lodge on our Quijos River property, located alongside the Oriente's Quijos River (one of the main headwaters to the Amazon out of Ecuador). The rural area of Ecuador was discovered first by the oilmen in the late 60's, then by kayakers in the early 90's. Eco- tourism is a dream of this area, but the population has lacked the resources to invest in eco-tourism.  Our property is registered with the "media ambiente" creating a long-term legacy in country.  We hope that our Quijos Cabins and Reserve can set a new standard for infrstructure in the region and help the community expand on the treasure they have.

Our Community Involvement
When we have been asked to give something back to the community, it has been our pleasure! We believe in community involvement at both the local and international level.

We can never say it enough: Our true strength lies in our staff.
A hand-picked group, our staff of river professionals shares in our commitment to you. Each staff member that has worked here has left his/her own imprint on Endless River Adventures. And together we all take pride in the fact that we do not rest on our reputation, but work as hard now to keep your respect and trust as we did to originally earn it.

Spending time with us can be a catharsis to the reality of hectic schedules and lack of quality time together in a busy world. Whether it is driving into the Nantahala Gorge or floating down a river in Costa Rica or Ecuador, you will find spending time with us helps change your life pace for the better!

You will always be welcome when you walk through our doors!

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